How to install your own kitchen

How to install your own kitchen

Install kitchen appliances


If you install a kitchen was like building a car its time to fit the engine in this case the appliances. Kitchen like cars depends on the devices quality to provide more efficient performance. There is a wide range of devices now available and they range from Reliant Robin to Rolls Royce in their comparative appearance and performance. The current trend is for aluminum or stainless steel and because of their popularity they are more expensive.

Some appliances are nicer friendly others not. Some manufacturers offer a good service if it goes wrong others not and some may be for several years months. After 23 years of installation of appliances I have formed an experienced idea of whats hot and whats not in the kitchen. Anyone who wants to hear my opinions before buying a certain brand can register and send a question in our forum and I will offer an honest opinion of my choice.

For proper assembly of a washing machine all plumbing services must be mounted in an adjacent cabinet to prevent the machine from protruding from the worktop. A 40 mm diameter washing machine can be mounted inside an adjoining cabinet which in turn prevents the machine from protruding from the worktop.

If it is mounted next to a sink the waste from the appliance can be incorporated with the sink. If the washing machine and the dishwasher are to be placed on either side of the sink I recommend installing a separate drain pipe. Three devices entering a waste pipe make the waste extremely prone to blockages.

Electrical services should also be mounted in an adjacent device and suitable holes for hoses and plugs must be drilled through the rear or bottom of the cabinet. This can be achieved with a suitable size socket saw.

Floors for all stand-alone appliances should be installed before final assembly. Once you have done the above slide the washing machine into place and make the necessary adjustments on the feet for leveling.

Built under free standing fridge freezer.

Installation of built-in refrigerators freezers is done approximately the same as above but they vary in width. If you add 5 mm to the machines width there will be enough space for mounting.

Built-in ovens microwaves.

Whether the oven is a single or double oven make sure the cabinet opening is the correct size for the appliance as the height may vary. Check the electrical value of the appliance and insert the appropriate outlet outlet avoiding the space immediately behind the appliance. After feeding the device to the outlet it may be in adjoining cabinets or in the case of a double oven in the cabinet above slide into the appliance and screw the cabinet ends with the supplied screws.

Splash back

You may want to install a splash with your stove and to fit a correct one you must determine the finished height of your countertop. The reason for this is that your extractor should be mounted before mounting the stove and the splash guard is placed behind the equipment. Install this before assembling the stove to prevent damage to the appliance and ensure that you have enough room to work.


Preparations for the installation of Range Cookers are similar to a stand-alone device as the space between cabinets must be correct and I suggest 5 mm wider than the device. The electrical connection as with all appliances should be done through an adjacent cabinet for access purposes.

Integrated Dishwasher Washing Machine

Integrated dishwashers are available in narrow line generally 450mm wide and standard 600mm wide sizes. The dishwashers size matches the aperture you need to leave to hold the appliance no more no less. The only room for transient pipework or services behind integrated dishwashers is located in the recess at the bottom of the machine. This is an important point to remember when installing services elsewhere behind the device so that the dishwasher protrudes from the adjacent cabinets and if you do not want to start a new design change you must avoid it.

Again water and electricity services for both dishwashers and washing machines will be terminated in an adjoining cabinet and waste services must be mounted behind an adjacent device inside the void. However if the device is placed next to a sink the waste can be integrated with the drain.

Of all integrated devices integrated washing machines are in my opinion less suitable and require many improvements before they become so. The door is mounted on the device using side hinges that allow for small adjustment and you may drill the door of the furniture door to fit adjoining door heights. There is no room for errors and measurements

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